TEC/TEG Applications


The TEC module in Qfin is simple to use and allow the user to specify different levels of detail from the User Interface. Any number of TECs can be integrated into a system level model and solved with either the fast System CFD solver or the Detailed CFD solver to obtain detail thermal results for all components in the application.
Inside the TEC the thermal model is based on a full 3D discretization of both the fluid and solid parts of the TEC. This improve the accuracy of predicting Joule and Thomson effects while including spreading and non-uniform conduction through elements. The 3D model also allows the user to build and simulate multi stage TECs accurately.
The detailed option for the TEC construct the couples individually and allow the user to have different cross-section dimensions for the N and P couples in the TEC. It is the only software that provides the user with a detailed report on the performance of the TEC, including heat pumped on both the hot and cold sides, the COP and Joule heating.
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