LED Applications


Qfin is the ideal platform for designing complex LED assemblies. The new LED module leads the user through a step by step process, allowing the user to enter the required information for any LED. This information is linked to the specific LED and saved in a database. The LED can then be added to any new project and the characteristic information of the LED will be used to ensure optimal thermal results.
The application can be solved using either the System CFD solver for rectilinear geometries or a detailed CFD solver for complex CAD geometries. Complex geometries can be imported directly in the form of a STEP or BREP file and combined with other objects from the user interface. The System CFD solver is ideal for solving fast transient applications and optimizing heat sinks and layouts using the included mathematical optimization feature.
Radiation heat transfer is imperative to most LED modelling applications. Qfin automatically calculates view factors for surface-to-surface and surface-to-ambient radiation using a highly efficient beam model. Once the solution is complete, the user can visualise the results from the user interface or obtain a detailed report. The report in Qfin is unique and summarizes the operating conditions for the LED while also calculating the efficiency of the LED.

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