Cold Plate


Qfin’s efficient and accurate system-CFD solver has been a preferred cold plate design tool for many years. However, the challenge has always been the manual creation of cold plate models. In Qfin 5.3, this is no longer the case. The user can now import cold plate configurations directly from CAD files, mesh them with the advanced tetrahedral mesher and solve the applications with Qfin’s detailed-CFD solver. Set-up time for the model is therefore cut to a minimum while changes can be made and updated from the CAD program directly.
Not only is the importing of CAD objects fast and efficient, but it provides details of the velocity and pressure gradients that was not common in the past. Even the effect of interior machining details can now be taken into consideration and important effects like erosion can be studied. Optimization of the channel layout can significantly reduce pressure drop across the plate, resulting in reduced energy consumption during operation.
In addition to CAD importing capability, the creation of complex cold plates, from within the Qfin user interface, has also been improved. Serial and parallel cold plates can now be created with an easy to use compound wizard, while the manual design of cold plates has been improved. A single meshing variable can be set to specify the minimum number of cells in the fluid channels when using the detailed CFD solver.
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