LED_AssemblyQLed is the only product on the market that allows the implementation of a user defined LED database to accurately calculate the thermal load of an LED as used in a specific application. A detailed tutorial teaches the user through a step by step process how to characterise an LED and then capture this information in a database to ensure you always use the correct thermal load during simulations. Solutions can be obtained by using either the numerically efficient System CFD solver for basic geometries or the detailed CFD solver for complex geometries.

The latest version of QLed allows users to import heat sinks or heat sink assemblies in the form of step files. The complex geometries are then meshed using a Tetrahedral mesher to improve accuracy of calculating fluxes accross fluid solid interfaces and solved with the detailed CFD solver.

In LED applications, radiation is important and QLed automatically calculate view factors for surface-to-surface and surface-to-ambient radiation as well as natural convection from enclosure surfaces.

QLed is the only software that includes a mathematical optimization module for your designs at no extra cost and the reporting system provides the user with a detailed report on the thermal performance of the LED and all other components in the model.