HS2Qfin has been developed as a design tool for electronic applications that allows the user to configure and optimize thermal designs in a fraction of the usual time by using a system CFD solver. Now, with the release of Qfin 5.3, a new generation of additional features have been added. Geometries can now be imported directly in the form of CAD objects, meshing options have been expanded to include Tetrahedral and Hexahedral meshing and a detailed CFD solver has been added to the fast system CFD solver. Combined with the efficient wizard driven modules for air cooled heat sinks, heat pipes, cold plates, thermal electric coolers, heat exchangers and Light Emitting Diodes (LED’s), Qfin has become a product of choice for component or system level simulations. The Thermal Electric Cooler (TEC) module has been expanded to include the modelling of Thermal Electric Generators while the latest LED module allow users to create their own database of LEDs. The module still calculate the correct thermal load for any LED in the database and results include all the important parameters for the LED application. All simulations can be done with either the System CFD approach, which produces results in minutes, or the detailed CFD solver. You still save on simulation time and licensing fees, because faster solutions means less licenses required.

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QLed – LED Thermal Design Software

Led1The growing demand for the modelling of LED packages has resulted in the development of a dedicated simulation package for the modelling of LED assemblies. QLed is a fast and easy to use simulation package, allowing the user to obtain the thermal details of LED’s in different applications. QLed also provides the option of importing heat sinks in the form of CAD objects, while solutions can be done with either the fast system CFD solver or the detailed CFD solver for more advanced applications. The LED module is based on creating a database that can be populated by the user and can consist of any LED. When applied from the LED database, the module will correctly calculate the thermal load for the LED as applied to the particular application.

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